Gum Therapy
Basic and Advanced Periodontal (Gum Therapy) Procedures

Periodontal disease is a chronic bacterial infection that affects the gums and bone supporting the teeth.
Periodontal disease, including gingivitis and perodontitis are infections that left if untreated can lead to tooth loss, yet most people dont experience pain with condition stressing the importance of regular dental checkups

At our clinic for advanced periodontal and implant therapy, we are committed to our patients oral health, funtion and dental asthetics.

Basic to advance therapies
As periodontists, we offer classic conservative therapies like perodontal scalling and root planing curellage, flap surgery to advance LANAP, PRFL from (blood), regenerative procedures for treating pockets, bone defects etc.

Smile improvement procedure
Our cosmetically corrective procedures such as gum grafts or gum depigmentation can transform patients overall smile for improved oral health as well as confidence

Invasive periodontal surgeries

Bone grafting and bone augmentation procedures such as smile lift, osseous surgery, ridge augmentaion, bone reguation assure that you will have good quality and quantity of bone suatble for placement of dental implants

High Standards
A standard of excellance in personalised perodontal care enables us to provide quality perodontal services to our patients

We provide comprehensive Treatment planing which not only provide restoration of gums but rehabilitation of full mouth. We believe in team effort to provide holistic approach to patients.

Education and prevention
As periodontist, we are of a thought that preventive care and education are the keys to optimal dental health.
As periodontal health care professionals we want you to be confident. knowing that we are a team of highly trained skilled clinicians. we strive to not only help eliminate gum disease, but also understand how to prevent condition from recurring.

Highlight Instrumentation and Armanterium
Our Dental practice equipped with top quality materials and instruments. We are using instruments of high-class brandds to nullify the drops during services and getting 100% results.

Basic instruments like scaler, scaler tip, to advanced instruments including lasers, we maintain our qulaity, stay updated of changes and recommendations for our profession.

We user high class bone grafts material used for regenerative procedure including platelet rich fiberis to De-mineralised freeze dried allograft to perioglass that are used in all over the world.

Uncompromising Safety
defect control in our office is very important to us. To protect our patient and ourselves we strictly maintan sterilization and cross continual process using statndartd recommended by amerian dental asociation, centre for disease control, occupational health and safety.

A review of your medical history will help us stay infromed of your overall health, new medications and any illnesss that may impact your dental health.

A Positive Experience
Building a foundation of trust by treating our patients as specdial individuals is vital to our success.
We understand how uneasy some patients may feel about their dental visits and how we make a difference in providing relaixng and positve experience.

Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with excellent, personalised care and service to make your visit as comfortable and pleasent as possible.

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