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Caldwell Luc Operation

Caldwell luc Operation (Oral Surgery):

- Patient Came up for Dental implants in left upper jaw. we have successfully placed implant in L7 region.

- But when in the process of preparing L6 region for dental implant pus was found in the sinus of patient.

- Patient was immediately advised for  Skull PA View radiograph, and it was found that patient is suffering with pus in sinus lining.

- Then it was advised to perform Caldwell Luc operation( window is created ) to remove infected pus and clean the area to cure maxillary sinusitis.

- The Caldwell luc operation was performed successfully with full consent of the patient and pus was removed successfully.

- Infected lining was removed completely

- The gums on upper jaw were properly stitched to close the opening and start the healing process, as the time goes the jaw bone that was cut to open the sinusitis will heal on its own

- Patient is advised to turn up for completion of dental implants after six months.

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